Sit Down and Iron Faster with Miele Rotary Iron

by Julie

miele rotary ironIf you’re a serious sewer, you know how important a good iron is. I got a professional gravity feed iron a few years ago for my birthday (my friends were horrified!) and it’s the best for pressing open seams and getting crisp hems, sharp creases and pleats. I sew a ton of cotton and especially linen. It’s my fabric of choice and I can literally spend hours just ironing out the yardage before I even get to start cutting out pattern pieces. Hours every week! The back strain alone is enough to make me procrastinate starting a new project. That’s why I was so thrilled when I found this little baby, the Miele rotary iron.

It looks like something you’d find in a dry cleaners, but apparently rotary irons have been used in the home for decades. They’re designed to press clothing, sheets, tablecloths and other linens quickly and easily. Yards upon yards of freshly laundered, wrinkled fabric are no match for this machine. I can’t imagine ironing my sheets, but oh the time I’ll save pressing yardage!

How to Use the Miele Rotary Iron

All you do is press the foot pedal and the machine feeds the cloth through the padded rollers. Perfectly ironed fabric is neatly deposited in a softly folded stack on a lower shelf right beneath the iron itself. The rollers are electronically operated, and you can adjust the temperature and the speed at which the fabric feeds through with just the touch of a button. You can even sit down while you’re ironing. There’s also this handy little open end where you can press smaller, more exact pieces like cuffs and collars on shirts and pants.

Miele rotary iron open end

The open end is great for pressing cuffs, collars and other narrow bits

I was a tad concerned about the space this machine would take up. But it features special feet with roller wheels, so you can move it around easily. And it folds up for easy storage with no problem.

For anyone who hates spending long periods of time standing and fiddling with an iron and ironing board just to get ready to sew, the Miele rotary iron is a dream come true. You can get through all that tedious work in minutes. And for those of us who make money with our sewing, or are on a production schedule, it’s a downright necessity. I can’t imagine how much more income I could have had all these years if I’d been sewing instead of ironing. It pays for itself in no time.

You’re not going to find a rotary iron, Miele or otherwise, at your local craft store. I suggest you check out
for the best prices. They sometimes run sales and free shipping deals on appliances like these, too.

Want to see the Miele rotary iron in action? Click once to view the video:

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